Mastering is generally the last step your songs will go through before people get to listen to your music, and a good mastering job can take your songs to whole new levels sonically. The process is different from project to project, but the idea is to balance everything and bring the volume up to commercial standards while not destroying any of the fine details in your mix. When doing a master for an EP or album things are all about the flow from song to song, making sure none of the vibe is lost in transitions, and that all the songs can mesh together as a whole unit instead of just a bunch of songs.

Mastering starts at just $30 a song, so shoot me an email at [email protected] if you have any songs that just need that last bit of magic.

The video below shows the difference from before and after mastering here at Okzygen. The song was provided by my good friend Oglob, who’s currently operating out of Montreal.

Peace Sand Rest

Drums We did almost all of the drum tracks for the album in a day, with the exceptions being Intro and The Interlude. Those two tracks were recorded separately from the rest of the album using a much more restricted 4-mic set up, with the D112 on Kick, SM57 on Snare Top, and two ART AR5’s for overheads. Scott (Drums) and Kellen (Guitars, Vocals) played the tracks together during the recording process due to the…

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Justin Strode – Megalomaniac

Megalomaniac is a solo album created as part of the Record Production Month Challenge in 2018. The idea was to record and release an album within the month of February, but I decided to take it a step farther and produce an entire album from the ground up, from writing right up to mastering. This was quite the challenge, and an incredibly rewarding (if not exhausting) experience in the end, with the opportunity to really…

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Mewsique – Surrealy So Real (Mastering)

Mewsique is a very cool circus-inspired electronic act, whom I’ve known for a little while now. Her music is very surreal (hence the name) and intricate, often dark and creepy, which is absolutely awesome. The creepy circus freak-show horror vibe the music has really appealed to me, and I was more than eager to master her album Surrealy So Real. I didn’t need to do too much to tame any transients or really modify the…

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Demon Seeds – The Prologue

Demon Seeds is an outlet for more ambience based, cinematic soundscapes as opposed to conventional songs. Most pieces are experimental in nature, exploring the relationship between signals and their interactions with spaces both digitally and acoustically. The Prologue is a 13 minute one-track EP released in the summer of 2017. The production was minimalist in nature, using only a few synths, a piano, guitar, and a limited pallet of percussive elements. The idea was to…

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Oglob – Real World Land (Mastering)

Real World Land comes from the devious and twisted mind of the collective identity known as Oglob. Having known the mastermind behind this movement for many years now, I tend to always have first dibs on his mastering gigs. This album was released late 2016, and on top of mastering, I had the honour to play guitar on at least one of the tracks. The mastering process was pretty rudimentary, split the tracks up into…

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Velvet Bison – Mammoths/Whims of Lions

Velvet Bison – A 3 piece stoner band from down here in Peterborough. These guys came to the studio for a couple days to track two songs for a new 7″LP. Something that stood out with me on this project was the order of operations. When tracking on my own pace, it’s normally something like Bass and/or Drums first, then Guitars, Keys, Vocals, and little extra things at the end of the projects. Not These…

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Justin Strode – Disaster Inverted

Disaster Inverted is one of my solo EPs, made over the course of the last two years (2014 – 15). I decided to do almost everything on this EP within the computer as an experiment to see just how capable my setup was at crafting entire tones in-the-box, so to speak. The guitars and bass were all done through Guitar Rig 5, drums were a combination of Addictive Drums and on-board sets from Ableton Live.…

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DTD – Broken Inside

This song comes from a three piece band recorded out in Millbrook, using the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and Octopre MKII Dynamic. We recorded the drums and bass in their jam room, which was conveniently a concrete chamber with a bunch of sound treatment rigs on the walls. The bass was recorded with a DI box and shaped in Pro Tools, and on the drums: Kick: D112 on Front, SM57 on Beater Snare: Sm57 on Top…

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