Mastering is generally the last step your songs will go through before people get to listen to your music, and a good mastering job can take your songs to whole new levels sonically. The process is different from project to project, but the idea is to balance everything and bring the volume up to commercial standards while not destroying any of the fine details in your mix. When doing a master for an EP or album things are all about the flow from song to song, making sure none of the vibe is lost in transitions, and that all the songs can mesh together as a whole unit instead of just a bunch of songs.

Mastering starts at just $30 a song, so shoot me an email at [email protected] if you have any songs that just need that last bit of magic.

The video below shows the difference from before and after mastering here at Okzygen. The song was provided by my good friend Oglob, who’s currently operating out of Montreal.

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