Okzygen Studios – 2023 Update

It’s been a couple years since I’ve touched this site, what with all that fun pandemic stuff we’ve been having to deal with. A number of events have caused quite a few changes here at the studio, many of which I will be addressing/correcting over the coming weeks. One of these upcoming changes is going to include a complete overhaul of the website, and since this whole studio endeavour has been (for the most part) the responsibility of one person (myself), it likely means the site will go offline for the duration of the overhaul. Quite frankly, that’s probably for the best as a lot of material on this site has become outdated.

I plan to spend some time over the next few weeks/months making new videos and working on the YouTube channel, revealing some simple tricks and techniques used in the studio here along side some demo videos of a few new toys we’ve picked up over the years. Due to some ongoing situations, I’m unable to do any actual recording in the studio outside of guitars and other singular instruments, so for the next while I’ll be focusing on the mixing and mastering side of things. However you can still expect new music coming out of the studio very soon.

I’ve been trying to do something as simple as add an image to this post, and the last 5 times I’ve tried it’s given me various error messages. Yet another indicator that this site needs an overhaul. (Edit: Apparently the sixth time was the charm.) So I’ll be leaving you with this brief post, without any visual media to satiate your eyes. Hopefully the next time you read a new post here, everything will be all new and shiny looking. Until then, keep playing and creating, you mad beautiful people. I’ll catch you guys next time!

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