Mewsique – Surrealy So Real (Mastering)

Mewsique is a very cool circus-inspired electronic act, whom I’ve known for a little while now. Her music is very surreal (hence the name) and intricate, often dark and creepy, which is absolutely awesome. The creepy circus freak-show horror vibe the music has really appealed to me, and I was more than eager to master her album Surrealy So Real.

I didn’t need to do too much to tame any transients or really modify the dynamics of this mix, which made the process really simple. I added some slight Tape saturation for some subtle warmth and glue, and pretty much ran it into FG-X for some final loudness adjustments. Other than some slight EQ adjustments to tie together some sonic characteristics from song to song everything was pretty much set to go from there.

Check out her music in the player below, and send me a message at [email protected] for any of your mastering needs!

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