Oglob – Real World Land (Mastering)

Real World Land comes from the devious and twisted mind of the collective identity known as Oglob. Having known the mastermind behind this movement for many years now, I tend to always have first dibs on his mastering gigs. This album was released late 2016, and on top of mastering, I had the honour to play guitar on at least one of the tracks.

The mastering process was pretty rudimentary, split the tracks up into a 7 channel (or 8, don’t quite recall) multiband dynamic compressor system using some of the cleaner plugins available in the Slate Digital Everything Bundle. After leveling out some of the more powerful peaks the signal ran into a buss compressor or two and then into the FG-X for the final product.

Listen to the album in the player below, and be sure to check out some of his other releases online!

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