Dylan Losell – “Existential Overcast in an Absurdist Hell” and More…

Hey everyone, I’ve got new music for you today! Check out this song I recorded out in Millbrook for a guy named Dylan and his band. This track is just one of three tracks this band let me record and mix, the other two can be found on Dylans SoundCloud here!

These were recorded over two days, with the drums and bass tracked in their jam space out in Millbrook (a very chill concrete basement with plenty of insulation to cut down on extra noise), while the guitars and vocals were done here at Okzygen Studios. The whole process was really straightforward, no headaches at all reaching a good tone in their room for the drum kit. The bass was done through a DI box, sometimes live with the drum takes (I think Lonesome Road was the song). The guitars were tracked with a Vox tube amp using an SM57 on the front ad a D112 to catch some extra bass out of the rear of the amp.

This was the first mix I did using the Slate Digital line of plugins, and since then I find myself using them on absolutely everything I work on. I’ve even adapted my mixing style to better accommodate for the plugins and I’m getting better results.

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