Demon Seeds – The Prologue

Demon Seeds is an outlet for more ambience based, cinematic soundscapes as opposed to conventional songs. Most pieces are experimental in nature, exploring the relationship between signals and their interactions with spaces both digitally and acoustically. The Prologue is a 13 minute one-track EP released in the summer of 2017. The production was minimalist in nature, using only a few synths, a piano, guitar, and a limited pallet of percussive elements. The idea was to invoke emotion without the need for context, and to create music that can be applied to a number of scenarios. There are many tense buildups and moments of introspection, all done with an emphasis on the space created by the instruments and their digital reverbs.

Everything was done in Ableton Live 9, using the KORG Monotribe, Novation Bass Station, Kontakt’s The Giant, and a few plugins from Waves and Soundtoys. Slate Digital’s Everything Bundle was used to mix and master the track. A lot of attention was paid to the interaction of the instruments and the reverb which ties them together, focusing on large open spaces to create an epic sense of emptiness. The use of odd time signatures was also employed to create a more organic feel, as some passages extend beyond anticipation to create a feeling of longing and desire for resolution. Listen to the piece in the player below.

Over time there will be many more creations from Demon Seeds, as experiments in learning new plugins or techniques. I intend to release more of these experimental compositions for use in video or other media related projects. If you’re interested in licensing any songs for use, please email me at [email protected]

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