DTD – Broken Inside

This song comes from a three piece band recorded out in Millbrook, using the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and Octopre MKII Dynamic. We recorded the drums and bass in their jam room, which was conveniently a concrete chamber with a bunch of sound treatment rigs on the walls.

The bass was recorded with a DI box and shaped in Pro Tools, and on the drums:

  • Kick: D112 on Front, SM57 on Beater
  • Snare: Sm57 on Top and Bottom
  • Hats and Ride: Apex 185 x2
  • Toms: Avantone ATOMs x2, Levair
  • Overheads: Rode M3 x2
  • Room: Realistic 2 channel Stereo Mic (Old thing I found at value village for $9)

The guitar and vocals were later tracked here at Okzygen. The guitars were run through a Vox tube amp with an SM57 on the front and a D112 picking up lows from the open rear of the cabinet. The vocals were recorded using an AT 2035.

This was the first time I have used the Slate Digital plugins on my mixes, and since then I’ve been using them on everything. The Virtual Tape Machine is my favorite stage in my master chain, adding that warm saturation you get with analog tape.

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