Darren Chambo – Lives to Save

Hey everyone! Coming in with another quick post and video, a song we recorded a while back with Darren Chambo called Lives to Save. It’s been tough getting recording sessions in with this whole Covid-19 situation playing out across the globe, but with a little work (and lots of sanitizing wipes) we’ve been able to get things rolling again.

This song and accompanying video was recorded for the $20,000 Summer Song competition, and was one of the first projects we were able to complete after the aforementioned situation. The drums were prerecorded by an outside source, but everything else was recorded here in the studio, along with mixing and mastering. Bass and electric guitars were done DI using Overloud’s TH-U Amp Simulation, while the acoustic was handled by a combination of two Rode M3’s and the Slate ML1, using a combination of the FG-269 for added clarity on the main acoustic and the FG-12 for extra brightness and sheen on the melodic parts. The vocals were also handled by the ML1, using the FG-47 emulation for that extra oomph in the mid-range.

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