Rob McFadden – Dead Sunflowers (Acoustic)

Hey everyone, coming in with a quick update on something we did in the studio a few days ago, a little video of Rob McFadden playing a song called Dead Sunflowers on acoustic!

We’ve been hiding out in the studio for the last few days throwing down acoustic track after track, creating a backbone of songs to build up into fully fleshed pieces of music. Actually, we just finished laying down vocals to a couple of the tracks just a few hours ago.

Little bit of technical info on the recording, using a pair of Apex 185’s in an XY format on the guitar, along with the Slate ML-1 a few feet back as an ambient mic generously mixed in. Still need to acquire a few more ML-2’s to have some real fun with emulating different mics, but the 185’s do the job nicely.

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