Oglob – We Don’t Go There (Mastering)

Oglob – A close personal friend of mine whom helped me get Okzygen Studios to where it is today – has entrusted me with mastering a majority of his music over the last year or two. One of the most recent projects that have hit the public airwaves is a song called “We Don’t Go There”. This song has floated around for a few years now slowly being developed into the aggressive dirty electronic song it is today, and even includes some guitar tracks provided by yours truly.

I’ve been working on a few different processes in terms of mastering, and the one I use of late involves mostly Slate Digital plugins and the stock Ableton EQ8 unit. Splitting the song into various EQ bands using the EQ8, I balance out the levels and apply discreet amounts of compression and frequency boosts/cuts using VMR. Then levels are balanced and routed into one of the VBC units to apply some glue to the individual frequencies, then tape saturation with VTM, and finally it’s all run into the FG-X plugin for the extra shine and volume this genre called for.

In the future I plan on investing into a super clean mastering-grade EQ, something along the Eiosis AirEQ unit. The Ableton stock EQ8 is simple and clean, but it doesn’t really feel accurate and kinda distorts some of the lower frequencies subtly.

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