Rob McFadden – 12 String Taylor Acoustic

This may not be something new exactly, but it’s something I haven’t posted about yet. We did this recording a few months back with a very bright sounding 12 string Taylor acoustic. The strings were on their backwards (at least to Rob and I), which we think helped it have this very mystical, airy sound. The song is pretty much improvised at the time, and the recording, mix, edit and syncing were all done in the same day.

We used a pair of Apex 185’s in an ORTF inspired position placed towards the 12th fret. We also had an AT2035 a few feet back to catch some more of the room and provide a warmer sound to layer on top of the stereo pair. Mixing was done using Slate plugins; VMR, VTM, VBC and FG-X are all used at some point.

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